by Suvan U.Dingler



QUANTUM-LI’S are light objects created of glass or Plexiglass,

which are enclosing variedly graduated sheets of paper

of more or less dense transparency.

Shimmering LED-stripes, mounted on the back,

furthermore provide the lighting element.


Thereby the most important elements are provided :

complexity, transparency, elegance and aesthetics.


QUANTUM-LI’S will only designed on commission,

thus allowing for the individual evolution of a

highly exclusive object for each client.

Size of the light object, preferred colors,

qualities of the paper, potentially imprinted with photographs,

personal inscriptions, logos or picture elements,

can be dicided on in a collaborative way.


QUANTUM-LI’S are created with modern stylistic devices

and yet allow the ancient principle of portraiture

come to life again in another form.


In addition the LED-stripes, mounted as the lighting element

on the back, provide many possibilities for variation:

cool or warm light, colored light,

the change and play of different variegated colors…………………………….


QUANTUM-LI’S let interiors appear to be more precious:

foyers, offices, meeting rooms, private residences.

But they also stand alone and shine as

exterior installations.

They are hand-signed and numbered.


We will gladly make ourselves available to respond to any questions

or interest you may have.

Prices are not listed due to a high variability in materials, crafting and processing.

Please understand and contact us directly for prices.



Suvan U.Dingler

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